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The Territorial Indicator System of Aragón (SITA), is defined as a group of qualitative/ quantitative territorial indicators to carry out and evaluate the following set territorial model according to the Territorial Strategy Planning of Aragón(EOTA).

SITA provides methods to evaluate the territorial impact of different actions can affect the use and transformation of the Aragonese territory.


SITA consists of:
  • Territorial Variable: Strategic element with a territorial/sectorial characteristic used to make spatial analysis of the territory.
  • Territorial indicator: Ponderable element that sets the degree of territorial development from the sectorial/strategic point of view.
  • The synthetic index of territorial development: It displays the territorial development level of the Aragon regions depending on different situation indicators. According to the EOTA, the synthetic index also evaluates the connection level (balance) of the community.
  • The elements of the SITA are the following: the annual digital report, the Atlas of Aragon and the synthetic Map of Territorial Development.

  • The territorial factors are annually updated on a regional scale except for those depending on the topic or the organization with reference to the maintenance or promotion. These factors will be concerned about the following topics:
  • Population.
  • Economic Activity.
  • Equipments, services, infrastructures and accesssibility.
  • Vital scenario and territorial heritage.
  • Environmental requirements.

  • Territorial indicators are annually worked out and updated on a regional scale according to the previous criteria. Indicators will be the following:
  • Demographic.
  • Economic.
  • Accesibility.
  • Environmental.


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