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The Government of Aragon is aware that managing the Autonomous Region's vast territory is only possible with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies. These tools were therefore introduced more than a decade ago in order to work on various aspects that concerned different Regional Government organisms. The notable progress in recent years in basic cartographic production for territory in Aragon, and the improvement in accessibility have also had a positive impact on the management of GIS-processed data by different Government of Aragon departments and by other authorities, especially local authorities.

Given these circumstances the Department of Presidency and Institutional Relations, which is responsible for Territorial Planning, undertook the task of providing a corporate Territorial Information System from the cartographic databases in the broadest sense possible. Hence the project "Aragon Territorial Information System" (SITAR), whose fundamental objective has already been mentioned. Another purpose, of no lesser importance, is to provide information on Aragon territory, through the possibilities provided by the network, as well as information that can be associated in the future to this geographical unit. SITAR provides in depth studies of the principles of information transparency, accessibility and dissemination of data held by the authorities. It is a considerable step forward in the administrative modernization of our Autonomous Region.

The overall objective is integrating, disseminating, and sharing data, and streamlining and economizing means in the development of reports and studies on the territory.

The operative objectives are:
  • Facilitating geographic information when required to administrative units of the Government of Aragon for the development of projects.
  • Disseminating public geographic information on the Autonomous Region to any Internet user.
  • Facilitating the download of cartography in multiple formats.

The ultimate goal is a corporate system whose base is a centralized, fully documented geographical repository. In short, the aim is to provide, maintain and promote SITAR.

SITAR is a powerful tool at the disposal of public authorities and citizens in general. It is a significant advancement for the management of our territory, as it entails new instruments that promote and facilitate the development of Aragon.